Toyota announce a summer launch for their new FCV
November 17, 2014

There has been a lot of buzz around the news of a new range of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles going on sale around the car industry as of late. A range of car manufactures have all thrown themselves into the mix with the developments of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and their race to launch a model onto the street before their competition. It now appears though as if Toyota have the upper hand on this sprint to launch an FCV. Firstly the firm have confirmed that their model previously known as the FCV has now officially received the name of the Mirai. The vehicle will go on sale in Japan from tomorrow and will arrive there in April next year. it has also been stated by the mass manufacturer that the vehicle will make its way to Europe from next summer. Mirai has been used as the name for the vehicle and the name itself actually means future. Is that a telling sign for this Toyota model that it may be the future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles?.


How is power used within the Toyota Mirai?

It has been confirmed that the Toyota Mirai will incorporate the use of an electric motor which will drive both of the front wheels on the vehicle. It has also been confirmed that from the tail pipe on the car, only water vapour is produced. Around 135 brake horse power is also expected to be delivered upon from the Mirai. It is also believed that in total, a range of around 300 miles will be delivered before needing to charge the hydrogen tanks back up again which has been stated to charge up in about five minutes. There is not a lot confirmed for the vehicle regarding its launch here in the UK but it has been confirmed that when the car goes on sale in Japan, the vehicle will only be offered in areas that have hydrogen filling stations within the area.


Other manufacturers delivering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles our way include Honda with their new FCV model, Hyundai with the ix35 and BMW are expected to introduce a new model too which could potentially be a new addition to their popular I range. Does Toyota have the upper hand with their upcoming launch though?.


How much is the Toyota Mirai expected to cost?

Well looking at the price tag that the vehicle has received in Japan, it is equivalent to around £43,500 here in the United Kingdom. Prices are not expected to sway away too much from this area but Toyota have stated that they are unsure of the price tag that will come along with the car in western markets due to not knowing whether the standard government grant will come into play with the Mirai.


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