Hyundai ix35 vehicles are delivered to UK customers
November 17, 2014

It is a new sector in the car industry that a range of manufacturers are trying their hand at right now. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been in the news a lot for the car industry with companies such as Toyota with their recently revealed Mirai hydrogen vehicle ahead of going on sale next summer here in the UK. Now though, Korean manufacturer Hyundai are officially the first brand to have their hydrogen vehicle put on sale with the ix35 which has recently had its first set of deliveries made to some customers in the UK already. This officially marks the third generation of the ix35 and perhaps the most innovative model in the range yet.


Earlier on this year the vehicle was spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring in Germany with plans for the car to originally unveiled at the end of next year. In some great news though production of the car was put into action so quickly that this progress has been moved forward with the launch of the vehicle occurring now. Some customers have received their vehicle already where the Korean manufacturer has announced that customers ordering now can expect to receive the delivery of their vehicle from early on into next year.


How does the Hydrogen fuel help benefit the ix35?

So how does the hydrogen fuel tank come into play when it comes down to delivering power to the ix35?. Well Regarding how it works, the vehicle has hydrogen fuel tanks which are filled at a filling station much in the same way a hybrid vehicle is with an electricity port. The ix35 has been confirmed to reach a travelling distance of 350 miles before needing a fill up again. A top speed of 100 miles per hour has been confirmed for the hydrogen vehicle and the leap from a standing start to 62 miles per hour is achieved by the car in a good steady time of 12.5 seconds. The ix35 has indeed made history in the car industry as it is now the first ever hydrogen vehicle to make it into production. We first saw the car revealed to the world two years ago and 10,000 units of the car were hoped to be produced by 2015. Granted this has not been the case up until now but Hyundai have definitely got a head start on their competition as Audi plan their new A7 model and Honda design their new FCV model.


A price for the Hyundai ix35?

Hyundai are yet to reveal a price tag that will come along with the car even though some units have been shipped to some customers already. The majority of these sales were to business owners and their companies. For members of the public, deliveries are to arrive early on into 2015 so expect to hear more on the pricing situation much closer to the time. You can however order your brand new ix35 right now from your local Hyundai dealer.  


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