Kawasaki put the brand new Z300 on sale
November 18, 2014

Japanese motorcycle designer Kawasaki have officially placed their brand new Z300 model on sale. The bike is available to purchase here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. This brand new model is representing the future design in which the company are taking the majority of their model line up and it looks great. Using a much more aggressive look and a good strong range of power, the new Z300 is every motorcyclists dream but does it have the ability and the good stand out features for it to become your reality?. The Z series range has proven to be a popular addition for the motorcycle brand over the years and has helped them to achieve high ranks amongst competitors such as Ducati and Yamaha. What work have the firm put into the new Z300 model though that could tempt you into becoming a proud owner of one of these brand new machines?.


New developments within the Z300

So regarding the hard work that has been put into this new model during production time, we see that the brand have included the standard fitting of a 299cc, four stroke, liquid cooled engine. Match this up with the direct fuel injection system and dual throttle valves and you have a model that could represent the brand for many years to come. A digital ignition system and an electric starter both also come with the bike as standard. A six speed transmission, a tubular frame and a chain final drive system make this one of the most lightweight machines that Kawasaki currently offer in their Z series range. A wet manual, multi disc clutch has also been included with the bike during production. A set of dual piston brake callipers and a telescopic front suspension system can also be found in the Z300. A seventeen litre fuel tank capacity is also included with the Z300 as standard.


We do however think that the body design work put into the bike is nothing short of spectacular. The bike is available in either Green and Metallic Black or you can also opt for the choice of Metallic Grey and Metallic Black. A wide exhaust pipe creeps up the right hand side of the Z300 with a black design wrapped around it. A set of angular headlights and a short front screen is also fitted into the bike.


The Kawasaki Z300 keeping up with the times?

So does this new Z300 model offer you something special on the market right now?. We certainly believe so and we do think that some rivals for this model such as the addition of the recently announced GSX range from Suzuki and the Honda Fireblade range could very well bring the fight to the new Z300 for many years to come.


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