Jaguar announce their brand new range of F Type for 2015
November 20, 2014

In Los Angeles today the British car firm Jaguar have announced and fully revealed its brand new specifications and range of F Type models set to make their way to our roads from next year. The arrival of a four wheel drive F Type was announced a number of weeks ago by the British firm and today our first official glimpse of these vehicles has arrived. The F type for next year is looking better than ever in our opinion and it has received a range of brand new updates that could very well put it high up in the top spots on the car market next year and even keep buyers away from German firm Mercedes and BMW with some of their new models set to go on sale around the same time. The range of F Type models affected by these changes spread across the entire line up with their popular convertible models also being included.


The new changes to be found across the F Type range

So regarding the range of brand new features announced for the F Type in 2015, we see that the firm have included some revisions to the transmission system as a six speed manual gearbox will now be offered with the F Type for the first time ever. A four wheel drive platform will also be offered for some additions in the range. Technology wise, the infotainment system included with the F Type models have also been vastly improved and a new R convertible vehicle will also be found in the F Type range from next year. This now means that whereas the F Type division previously had six models in its line up, it now contains a total of fourteen.


The new six speed gearbox will be offered with both the standard F Type model and the F Type S model. A new range of all wheel drive platforms are also to be introduced to the F Type although some models will still remain on a rear wheel drive platform. Jaguar have stated however that it will be easy to determine which is which as the all wheel drive models will also receive features such as 19 inch alloy wheels and some new air vents added to the front wings of the vehicle. Perhaps the big news here though is the addition of the brand new R convertible addition. This vehicle now officially replaces the old V8 model and will now receive the fitting of an eight cylinder,supercharged engine which is said to be deliver a power output of 542bhp.


Other changes and prices found with the new F Type range

The assistance of electric power steering will also be found on the F Type now. A brand new torque vectoring system will also come along with this F Type range as an optional extra. The infotainment system that resides in the F Type now also receives some updates which mean a much more clearer display from the eight inch touchscreen. New swipe technology has also been brought into it which help drivers to navigate through their music more easily and other in car apps.


Regarding the price range to come along with these new models,a beginning price tag of £51,250 has been confirmed for the entry level F Type with a six speed manual transmission. Prices have been confirmed to rise as high as £97,135 for the all new convertible model running on the all wheel drive platform which could contend with the new Lexus LFC2 convertible if it is set to go on sale in the future.  


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