The Suzuki V Strom 650XT
November 20, 2014

Over the past number of weeks the motorcycle industry has been raging with excitement over the announcements of some of the latest and greatest in sports bike development. Kawasaki have announced the Ninja H2 being fit for the road next year, Yamaha have announced the launch of a brand new R1 model. Suzuki however have been another motorcycle brand making a name for themselves over the course of the past number of weeks with the announcement of the returning Bandit model and a brand new GSXR 1000 set for a grand launch next year. Today though we are focusing our attention on another announcement made by the Suzuki corporation which focuses on the launch of a new adventure motorcycle and another addition to their good selling V Strom line up. The company have announced that later on into this year, the world will be treated to the welcome addition of a brand new V Strom 650XT model. Comfort has been vastly improved upon with this machine as has the all round fuel economy. So including these two key highlights, what other features of the 650XT should you be keeping an eye out for and looking forward to?.


Brand new introductions for the V Strom range

So in regards to some of the brand new features announced to be coming your way with this brand new addition to the range, we see that the company have now included the fitting of a 645cc,four stroke liquid cooled engine as standard. The additions of a standard fuel injection system and the constant mesh six speed transmission system that has worked so well for them in the past is also set to make its return. A brand new set of spoked,aluminium wheels can be found on the new 650XT aswell as tweaks made to the finely tuned chassis which make this V Strom one of the smoothest riding experiences available across the range. The new windscreen for the bike has been perfectly fitted in order to keep wind blow reduced to a bear minimum with the edge of the screen just reaching below the mirrors therefore making it just about riding height. Brand new optimised combustion settings and a twenty litre fuel tank also help the bike to deliver on vastly improved fuel economy too.


Moving on now to the overall looks and design of this touring model, we see that a choice of four paint schemes are made available for the new V Strom model. These new colours are Blue,Red,White and Grey. Both the Blue and Red paint jobs look much similar to the design included with the GSXR range from the same brand.


Suzuki to bring the fight to BMW Motorrad?

It is a well known fact that the majority of touring motorcycles today are made by BMW Motorrad but with other top companies such as Honda and Kawasaki with the big 1400 model stepping up now, does the new V Strom 650XT have something to offer you that its rival machine don't?.  


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