Audi developing an all electric family car
November 24, 2014

German auto maker Audi have confirmed that they are all set to bring the addition of an all electric family sized vehicle to our roads in 2017. The vehicle which has not yet received a name has been confirmed to be in the production process right now with an on sale date arriving in three years time. The vehicle will join a long line of electric models on the road such as the Tesla model S and an all electric Ford Focus model too. No specifications and technical information has been revealed for this new model as of yet but information has been confirmed regarding some of the specifics coming down to performance and ranges for the vehicle. Electric vehicles have certainly found their niche in the automotive industry and with more being developed every month and the success that plug in hybrid vehicles have attained over the years, we do believe that this new model could be that ideal car that sets out Audi from its competitors.


The confirmed range for the Audi all electric vehicle

Dr. Ulrich Hackenburg who is Audi's development head has stated that the vehicle from a full charge will travel for a total of 280 miles before needing charging again. The range for this new model has been made achievable by the new technological features that the firm have included with the vehicle. The German brand will use the features of the next generation of both batteries and motors which provide the electric range from the company with much higher durability than ever before. The design of the vehicle is expected to come in the form of a saloon model which will therefore result in a good amount of interior space it is believed.


There have been many vehicles to go on sale over the years in the electric division and make a name for themselves. The likes of the BMW all electric i3 model has proven to be a great success over the past number of months. Perhaps one of the most well loved though happens to be the addition of the Leaf from the Nissan brand. So would an all electric Audi model have the ability to knock these vehicles away from the top spot and even claim it for themselves?.


A look into the future of the Audi all electric vehicle

No comment has been made as to whether this brand new addition will come as an extension to any current Audi range on the market right now or it will be a brand new vehicle completely. The brand have confirmed that the car will not be a sports style vehicle and is to go on sale in 2017 with development being underway right now.  


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