Suzuki announces plans for six new models over three years
November 25, 2014

The Suzuki firm have solidified themselves as one of the biggest Japanese manufacturers in existence today. They have made their presence felt on both the motorcycle market and the car market over the past number of years with recent news at the Milan motorcycle show of a range of new motorbikes set to be launched as a part of their 2015 development plan. It is today however the car side of things that we bring our attention to and the announcement that the company have today made regarding the plans for a total of six brand new models which will go on sale over the course of a three year period. Both city vehicles and sport models are to be made available within this brand new range with some more information regarding the new range also announced.

The Future development and growth of Suzuki's car range

It is expected that over the next three years, the strategy that Suzuki will undertake is to release two new vehicles per year not including other models that they plan on launching. A,B and C car sectors will be affected by these new changes arriving and a little something that has been designed to give the Honda Jazz a run for its money is also on the cards. A hatchback model has been the first vehicle confirmed as a part of the development plan. It has been confirmed to be a more lightweight car than the brands Swift model and it is expected to make its first public appearance at next years Geneva motor show before becoming available on the road from 2016. A new Celerio model is to be introduced to the car market late on into 2016 which has believed to had more focus on the design and looks over anything else. Although the full range has not been confirmed, the big one in this list is expected to be the new generation of Swift models which will make its arrival on the global car market from 2017 and is expected to be more sportier than ever before.


The Suzuki three year growth..exactly what the brand are needing?

The Japanese car and bike maker are indeed known for their
Swift model on the car front with the likes of the SX4 S Cross also making the headlines a number of months ago. So with the firm introducing a new motorcycle range next year and six new cars over three years, can they gain the upper hand on both the motorbike and car market in the future?.  


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