Renault offering new deals,The Audi TT off road concept and Mazda set for change
November 27, 2014

Renault have today announced two brand new changes that will be finding their way as a part of the Kangoo and Zoey vehicles. Both of these cars have proven to be two of the biggest selling electronic cars on the market and they are extremely close to reaching a fifty percent rise this year compared to sales of last year. Renault have confirmed that rather than taking out batteries on the car on a lease, they will now offer batteries for both vehicles for a single payment. Zoe and Kangoo models in the future will be badged with the letter I which will show that the vehicle carries a one off payment battery. Don't worry though, if you are still intending on purchasing one of these batteries on a lease, Renault still have the perfect deal for you. The company have lowered the cost of a lease on these batteries which now drops to just £50.00 per month rather than the standard seventy pounds.


The Audi TT off road likely to make the production line?

Concept vehicle is a term that is used within the automotive trade in this day and age. We have seen many manufacturers over the course of the past number of months display some of the biggest and most exciting concept designs we have ever seen. The likes of the XL Sport from Volkswagen and the Mercedes G Code are just some of the models that come to mind. Concept vehicles give a brief display into vehicles that have not yet been produced and more often not also carry future design schemes for vehicles and their respective manufacturer. Audi are another firm who have displayed some of the biggest and brightest concepts over the last three months and the big one that has been shown to the world is the off road variant of the world famous TT.


The ways in which this car have been described are a coupe crossed with an SUV. It is bigger and wider than the traditional Audi TT model and is believed to be the favourite variant to go on sale in the future. Our very first glimpse at the car came earlier on last April from the Bejing auto show and although no information has been commented on regarding an actual launch date, we believe that it could arrive sooner rather than later. A turbocharged two litre engine,a hybrid powertrain and LED matrix style lights are just some of the key highlights that have been announced for the motor so far.


Mazda to change the face of their company in the future

Mazda's managing director Jeremy Thomson has stated that Mazda is about to change on the build up to Christmas 2015. The company are set to introduce a range of brand new changes behind the scenes over the course of the next year. This can be demonstrated already by the inclusions of new technology that has been brought into play over the years. These highlights of course include the firms famous SKYACTIV engine technology. It has been said that by the end of next year, 97 percent of Mazda vehicles offered will contain SKYACTIV technology. Many of the new changes to be brought to the company will of course be displayed through their new technology and specification lists in vehicles of the future with 2015 being a big year for this thanks to the launches of the CX-5 and Mazda 2.  


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