Spyker out of business-Volvo to sell online-General Motors compensation
December 19, 2014

Spyker cars were a car company based in the Netherlands who produced high powered sports cars since 1999. Perhaps they are most famous for the purchase of Saab motors from General Motors a number of years ago. Sad news coming from the firm today though is that they have closed the doors of the company. Spyker cars are no more. The firm have gone out of business as they were declared bankrupt. Optimism within the company is still high though as founder of the company Victor Muller believes there is a chance that future operations may continue at a later date. The company were in the midst of developing a new model which was named the Venator which was topped to being a number one rival for the Porsche 911 but unfortunately this will not be the case now for the time being.


Volvo to sell cars online

It was earlier on this week that Swedish company Volvo announced that they are to pull out of major motor vehicle shows in 2015. They will only represent themselves at three events next year which include Frankfurt and Detroit next month. The reasoning behind this is so they can spend more money on online marketing for the company. In a further development from this story, the company have announced that they are planning now to sell vehicles online aswell as in showrooms. Not many manufacturers offer vehicles online but Volvo are now to take that bold step by introducing the online sales of their vehicles gradually. Alain Visser who is the sales chief of Volvo has commented on the new step for his firm by saying “The plan is to have all our car lines in all our markets offered digitally”. This new step comes into play as Volvo prepare themselves for the arrival of the new XC90 SUV arriving in April.


Compensation for General Motors recalls

General Motors have issued a vast range of recalls this year with one of the biggest coming at the start of 2014 with around 800,000 vehicles being recalled due to faulty ignition switches. Recently customers have been making claims for compensation from the company for these recalls and the inconvenience this has caused the owner of a recalled vehicle. Today the news has come out that the rates of compensation being claimed from General Motors has continued to climb. In total there have been 2,326 claims for compensation due to the ignition fault with 64 of these just coming in the past week alone. Forty two fatalities and fifty eight injuries are eligible for compensation from the American company and General Motors have kept $400 million for compensation claims. This works out around the £256 million area.  


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