Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli edition-Cadillac CTS-V-Hyundai technology
December 22, 2014

Super sports car designers Lamborghini have revealed their latest super car model which will make its way to us in the form of the new Aventador Pirelli edition. The Aventador is a vehicle which has been in production since 2011 and has since this time seen many special edition versions of the car go on sale. What makes the new Pirelli edition of the vehicle something even more special though?. This new model has been designed in order to celebrate the partnership that both Lamborghini and Pirelli have shared since the sixties. The firm have confirmed that the car will be made available in both roadster and coupe forms but only a limited amount of the vehicles will be produced. A V12 engine hitting 691bhp has been announced therefore keeping with the tradition of super quick sports cars.


The main changes that are clearly visible on the car though consist of the work that has been done to the body. The car is now made available in a Black and White colour scheme with Red inserts found across the roof lining. Inside the car we see the Alcantara seating make their return in Black and Red with the Red inserts also flowing inside the car. Special edition Pirelli plaques have also been fitted in order to celebrate the partnership. A launch date for the vehicle or a purchase price is yet to be revealed by Lamborghini but we expect to hear more on this throughout the duration of the next year.


Cadillac reveal the new CTS-V

American manufacturer Cadillac have unveiled their new CTS-V model over the weekend which is expected to be a big power house in order to set itself apart from the competition. Unfortunately although no official announcement has been made as of yet, it is uncertain as to whether the car will make its way to the United Kingdom in the future but it is believed that it will not. The car will be available on the American market from the Summer time of 2015. The CTS-V will carry a 6.2 V8 engine unit with that power figure roaring in at 640bhp. To go with a performance based vehicle, Cadillac have confirmed that the owner will also be faced with some options when it comes to making the car more sporty. The announcement of Recaro racing seats and a performance data recorder are both thrown into the mix as optional extras. We would love to see this car make its way to the UK in the future.


Hyundai introducing new technology

Korean car firm Hyundai have revealed a brand new technology feature that looks to make its way into some of the firms cars from the current generation and vehicles in the future. The technology has been confirmed to be shown to the general public for the first time at next months CES electronics show. The new system in which Hyundai have announced, allows the driver of the car to use a seven inch screen fitted in the centre console of the car which will allow the driver to request music, check scores of their favourite sports and will also give the driver access to a range of different apps. The system has been announced to work with both Apple and Android and operates via your smartphone. The plan is to see the new technology introduced into vehicles by the year 2016.  


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