BMW top sales-Lotus Evora crossover-BMW executive moves to Hyundai
December 22, 2014

Former executive for BMW Albert Biermann has officially made the switch to the Hyundai brand in order to help them develop faster vehicles. Biermann was one of the heads from the M Sport range of BMW models which are well known for their strong power outputs. With him going to Hyundai this is certainly a big loss for the German firm as the experience in the range that he carries could benefit Hyundai by a reasonably large margin. Albert will officially begin his role of head of vehicle test and high performance development for Hyundai in April of next year and has filled the vacancy in order to help Hyundai and Kia produce faster vehicles much more quickly and have them on sale earlier.


Lotus working on a crossover Evora model

Lotus have announced plans of expanding their current Evora range in the future and they have officially revealed that they are working on the development of a brand new Crossover variant which could take the leading role in the new range. Production of the first Evora was began in 2009 with the first model going on sale just one year later. The idea behind the production of the new crossover from Lotus is that they are looking to introduce a new range of sports car into countries which are right now dominated mainly by muscle cars including the United States and China. It is believed that the car may receive a launch here in the UK too. No technical news is available on the car as of yet including engine ranges or carry overs but can be expected that the crossover will remain ran on a rear wheel drive platform. The expanded range of Evora are set to go on display from the Geneva motor show next year.


BMW dominate the sales charts

Figures have been released which show BMW holding a dominant place on top of the new car market for sales. The company have beaten both Audi and Mercedes Benz to the punch when it comes to sales. The figures are taken from the month of November with BMW new car sales rising by 6.2 percent. The majority of these sales were in both China and here in Europe. If BMW are to take the crown this year overall, it will mark ten consecutive years that BMW would have beaten its rivals in new car sales. In global sales for last month, BMW sold 158,953 vehicles to customers with the range spreading through both cars and SUV models. Audi were just behind with 146,250 followed by Mercedes with 150,742 meaning an increase of thirteen percent for Mercedes and eleven percent compared to the previous year for Audi.  


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