The end of the paper licence-new pothole scheme-Saab spare parts
December 23, 2014

The Government has today announced that over the duration of the next six years, they are to give local councils around the United Kingdom a total of £6 billion equaling out at £1 billion a year in order to help fix potholes on bad road conditions around the country. Around 115 councils around the country will receive the funding other aspects of our roads will also receive some fixes including lighting and bridges. Many of the bad road conditions just receive short time fixes at the moment and the government has brought this new plan into play in order to help prevent this and to make for better work on the road. This news comes just weeks after the government announced a new road improvement scheme which will effect the UK over the next few years. So it would appear that the roads and driving conditions are very much a priority for the countries government.


The paper driving license to be axed from next year

It has been announced that from the 8th of June next year, the UK is officially scrapping the use of the paper driving licence. The DVLA have stated that from this date they will no longer be issuing paper driving licenses. From now on, only the photo driving licence will be used The DVLA has stated that if you are in possession of both a paper licence and a photo licence then you should destroy the paper format completely from the 8th of June. If however you only have a paper company, you have been informed to keep hold of it. Drivers licence information in future will be stored on the new MyLicence system which will be accessible to insurers who may need to check the status of a licence. The move has been done in order to cut back on costs and an estimated £8 million per year will be saved due to the switch. If penalty points were recorded they would appear on your paper licence but now this has been changed also as we see any points transferring over to the DVLA digital driver record. These moves follow the axing of the tax disc a number of months ago so the way in which driving and vehicle ownership is changing seem to be evolving at a good steady rate.


Spare parts in the future for Saab vehicles will still be available

Orio AB are a parts and accessories company who operate globally. Recently they have acquired what used to be Saab automobile parts. Due to this change in power, there was a lot of worry amongst some customers of Saab that they may not be able to get the parts that they may need for their vehicles due to this change. Today though the Orio AB company have come out and stated that this will not be the case as they will still offer all of the Saab parts as before. All models currently in existence will still have spare parts available which was a part of the purchase when Orio AB acquired the company aswell as the tools needed to make changes to models. Orio released a comment on the matter by stating “This is a strategically important acquisition which safeguards the production of Saab original spare parts in the long term and ensures that we maintain our position as the sole supplier of the entire range of original parts for Saab cars”. So if you do own a Saab, there is no need to worry, Orio AB have you covered.  


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