Google autonomous car-Infiniti Q70-Renault Lodgy
December 23, 2014

Google's self driving vehicle has been making its way around news sources for quite some time now and could very well be a glimpse into the future of the way we drive vehicles. The idea of autonomous cars has caught on with BMW too who have also been designing one of their own. Work on the Google model was began in May and now it has been confirmed that the car is ready to go into production. It is a brand new concept entirely as it will be the first ever vehicle to not receive a steering wheel or even a set of accelerator or brake pedals. It has been confirmed that history will be made by Google as the car will go on sale and will land on the roads of California from early on next year. The company have had their say on the matter and said that they now have the autonomous vehicle in its full prototype version for full autonomous driving. We are currently not sure of what the future holds for the Google self driving car or if it will arrive in Europe.


The Infiniti Q70 confirmed to receive a diesel engine

The brand new Q70 model from Nissan subsidiary brand Infiniti will be launched onto the road in just a few weeks time. It marks the new generation of Q70 and to add to the excitement, Infiniti have this week come out and stated that the car will come fitted with a four cylinder, 2.2 litre diesel engine. This variant of the car is expected now to be the big seller of the group and if that wasn't exciting enough, the diesel variant has also been confirmed to be the cheapest model in the line up coming in as the entry level motor. A seven speed automatic transmission and a power output of 168bhp guarantees a more exciting driving experience from Infiniti than before. The starting price for the entry level diesel has bee announced to come in from £32,650 which will also see you receive 18 inch wheels, LED lighting,leather seats, a built in sat nav and a rear view camera all as standard.


Renault reveal images of the new Lodgy for 2015

The brand new Lodgy multi purpose vehicle from French firm Renault has been revealed via new images posted online by the company today. These are the first pictures of the car to be revealed by Renault and show some new features that you can expect to receive with this new MPV addition. The model will become available early in 2015 and India the car will be badged under the Renault name. We will receive the model here on European shores except it will be named under Dacia. A 1.5 litre diesel engine putting out 85 brake horse power has been announced for the new Lodgy. Renault have said that the Lodgy will deliver the best in segment performance for an MPV. This is indeed a bold statement as the car will look to contend with the likes of the Ford S-Max and the Peugeot 5008. So what do you think?. Could the Lodgy deliver as the best MPV on the market?. Let us know your thoughts via our social media pages.  


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