McLaren P1 Gulf edition-the Kawasaki Ninja H2-Yamaha R1 2015
December 24, 2014

A special one off edition of the McLaren P1 has been designed and sold to one customer who requested the vehicle. Only one version of the car has been designed and it is not likely to see this design scheme again in the future. The owner of the vehicle who is based in Canada is the only customer to have possession of the car which has been designed in a light Blue paint scheme with Orange stripes across the length of the vehicle. The P1 is one of the most powerful McLaren models to ever be made available on the road and the new model is designed in such a special way that even the steering wheel inside the car has received the striping too. A set of Orange brake callipers, carbon fibre trimming and Orange inserts inside the vehicle also make their presence felt. Leather P1 designed sports seats are also fitted inside the P1 with Orange stitching throughout. We are unsure of the price that the Canadian buyer spent on this special version of the P1 but we would expect that it was quite a considerable amount higher than the standard purchase price which comes in at £866,000.


The Kawasaki Ninja H2 one to look out for

Next year will see the arrival of the brand new Kawasaki motorbike coming your way in the shape and form of the Ninja H2. The model has been hotly anticipated for a number of months now and it was earlier on this year at the EICMA motorcycle show that the firm officially revealed the brand new model. This new Ninja addition will go on record for being one of the most powerful motorcycles that Kawasaki produce and both a road version and a track version under the name of the H2R has also been introduced. The model receives brand new features of a Ninja addition and includes a lightweight Green Trellis frame and minimal side furring used in order to reduce the weight carried by the bike. A powerful 998cc engine will make its presence known and a set of inverted forks and monoblock brakes also come as some of the main highlights completely standard. The bike will be made available from next year and will come with a cost of £22,000 brand new. The new H2 is definitely a contender for the motorcycle of the year next year and is worth keeping an eye out for.


Yamaha introducing the new R1

It has been a motorcycle that the Yamaha brand have been well known for over the years and as some direct competition for the fore mentioned Ninja H2, Yamaha will introduce the world to a brand new R1 model for the 2015 year from next year. The new model has been designed incorporating the use of Moto GP technology and some of the brand new features that could make the bike stand out more than past additions is a brand new engine and all new chassis technology making the bike more lightweight and agile than ever before. The new engine comes in the form of a four cylinder and is a 998cc unit. Both traction control and slide control are two new highlights aswell as the addition of a Deltabox frame helping to improve upon the chassis of the bike. Yamaha have announced that two colour options will be available for the new R1 from the time of launch including Red and White and of course the traditional Blue and White that Yamaha are well known for. If you are thinking of making the switch next year and investing into a new R1 then you can expect to hand over £14,999 for your brand new R1.  


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