The McLaren Sports Series and its competitors
December 29, 2014

Next year sports car manufacturer McLaren are looking to top the charts in the sports car segment with the launch of their brand new Sports Series model which up until recently was known under the code name of the P13.The vehicle will receive a public unveiling from the New York Auto Show in April 2015 and it has some big vehicles in its sights. High spec Porsche 911 models and the BMW i8 are to be the two biggest challengers that the Sports Series will have to face but how do all three of these vehicles compare to one another?.


The new McLaren Sports series will receive the fitting of a twin turbocharged 3.8 litre V8 engine and power is believed to come in way over the 500 brake horse power area with exact rates still yet to be confirmed. The leap from 0 to 60 is expected to be carried out in just under or on the four second area with 180 miles per hour pulling its weight as a top speed limitation. With the new Sports Series expected to be one of the top notch sports cars that McLaren will have to offer, it is expected that once produced next year, the car will be produced in numbers of around 2,000 units per year if not more. Therefore a cost of £130,000 which the vehicle will be priced from seems very fitting.


Contender number one: The Porsche 911

One of the big sports cars that could be set to get in the way of the McLaren Sports Series is of course the high trim Porsche 911. The 911 has been one of the flagship motors flying out of showrooms for the German car firm for the past fifty one years. The 911 has seen off competition from all newcomers over this time and has had over nineteen models grace the world over with their presence. That figure is not including revisions to current models. One of the top spec Porsche models on the market is the top spec 911 Turbo S. This is expected to be the car that brings one of the biggest challenges to the McLaren Sports Series. A 3.8 litre, straight six engine can be found in the 911 Turbo S seeing 552 brake horse power deliverance and 700NM of Torque produced. The top of the range Turbo 911 has been offered since 1974 which was just eleven years after the launch of the first 911. Very little has gotten in the way of this giant over the past forty years but can the Sports Series do what some others have failed to?.


A potential champion in the BMW I8?

The BMW I8 delivers on a different story from what the Porsche 911 does. The I8 was only launched onto the road earlier this year with until its launch the car remaining as a concept vehicle from its introduction back in 2011. The I8 comes to us in the form of a super car from BMW and made history upon its arrival by being the first vehicle to ever offer laser light technology. This hybrid vehicle receives a 1.5 litre, three cylinder turbocharged engine which of course runs next to an electric motor. A vast amount of power in the 357 brake horse power area is produced by the super car with the top speed of the car being electronically limited to 155 miles per hour. It has the great looks,detailing and creasing that you can expect to find on any traditional sports car on the road. It is also upto date on technology with a built in touch screen, three spoke steering wheel and adaptive dampers also being thrown into the mix.

These three big vehicles are to be strong competitors for each other and the only thing to separate them could very well be the prices. As stated earlier, the McLaren Sports Series will go on sale from a cost of £130,000. The BMW I8 requires a sum of £94,848 which is after the standard government grant and the Porsche 911 Turbo S is available at a figure of £140,852.


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