Porsche Cayman vs Audi TT vs Lotus Evora
December 30, 2014

For the three main manufacturers there has been a lot of competition for one another over the years and today we take a look into one of the biggest challenges that has ever graced the car industry. We are today looking at the battle that exists between the Lotus Evora,the Audi TT and the Porsche Cayman. All three models are the most recognised sports cars on offer around the world right now but which one of these cars comes out on top and which would you rather spend your money on when it comes to owning the perfect sports car?.


The Audi TT has gone down in history as one of the biggest selling Audi models to ever go on sale. This year brought in a new generation for the car including different variants of model. The new TT is available in both Sport and S line trim specifications with power either a two litre petrol or a two litre TDI diesel alternative. The car runs on a front wheel drive platform and can be chosen with a standard six speed gearbox or a dual clutch S tronic transmission available in Quattro form. LCD screens, a virtual cockpit screen and a multi functioning steering wheel are just some of technology highlights of the new TT which set the car up as a big time contender on the sports car front. Prices begin with the entry level model and come in from £29,860 for the petrol unit.


The Porsche Cayman bringing the fight

Production of the very first Porsche Cayman was began in 2005 and now here we are nearly ten years later and the vehicle is proving to be more dominant than ever. Does it have the unique abilities though which could see it challenge the new Audi TT and Lotus Evora?. We certainly think so yes. One of the latest versions of the car to go on sale was the Cayman GTS model which comes in turbo form. It went on sale earlier this year and is equipped with a 3.54 litre,flat six engine unit. 335 bhp is the ending result and a top speed for the turbo model is heavily focused on by the 177 mph limitation. The power of the vehicle is the most focused on aspect of the Cayman GTS without a doubt but that's not to say there is a little more to the car because there is. If you opt for this version of the Cayman you can expect to receive some new added features not included in previous Cayman's. These include twenty inch alloy wheels, sports seating,adjustments to the back lights and Silver trimming inside of the car. The new Cayman GTS is on the road right now and goes for £55,397 brand new.


Last but not least the Lotus Evora

The Evora range from Lotus is due to receive a makeover in 2016 and will be headlined by the addition of a brand new crossover model in the segment. This all comes just four years after the car going on sale across various countries and making a name for itself by winning awards such as the best performance car of the year in the past and car of the year in 2009. The brand new look to the Evora will be revealed to the public for the first time from the Geneva Auto Show in 2015 ahead of a planned launch one year later. Specifications are being kept quiet for the time being but the expectation is that the current V6 engine found in the car will be carried over. The Evora was stopped from selling in the United States due to the lack of some safety equipment so this is definitely an area that Lotus will be focusing on with the new model meaning that the vehicle could go on sale in the US once more. No expected cost or launch time has been announced for the car as of yet but we expect the vehicle to be a top flight contender going up against the likes of the Porsche Cayman and the new Audi TT without a doubt.


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