Nissan-Renault CEO future-Toyota sales in China-Facelifted Fiat 500
December 31, 2014

At the beginning of the year, Chinese car manufacturer Toyota set themselves a sales target of 1.1 million models sold in their home country of China alone but now as the end of the year draws in and 2015 becomes even closer, it looks as if the company are not going to hit their sales target in their homeland. The reason for this is to be blamed on the economic slowdown in the country with car prices dropping over there and therefore offering a better price matching system across the automotive industry. In 2013 the firm hit on sales of 917,500 units in China which seen them draw closer to the goal that was set in 2010. Toyota executives have commented on this news by saying “Toyota can result to a fire sale and meet our sales targets,but our philosophy is to produce and sell as many as a market wants not much more”.


The future for Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

The CEO of Nissan and Renault Carlos Ghosn could be somewhat uncertain right now. He is one of the busiest members of the board as far as the automotive industry is concerned. This is demonstrated by some impressive figures in which show that he runs dealers in a total of sixty eight countries and he works between fifteen and sixteen hours per day. He is the chairman for the bond between both Nissan and Renault has made his presence felt by bringing in some great sales figures and profits for both companies this year alone. Over the past number of years both Nissan and Renault have lost many executives and Ghosn signed a new deal with the Renault-Nissan just a number of months ago for a four year agreement. Ghosn is now sixty years old so there is some speculation that at the end of this four year deal he may step down from his role within the industry although not confirmed as of yet. There is some worry as to how well both Nissan and Renault will perform sales wise when he does eventually step down.


The facelifted Fiat 500 has been sighted

A newly revised Fiat 500 model has been spotted on public roads ahead of its planned launch expected to happen in late 2015. The motor was seen for the first time in a White paint scheme with a Black disguising over the front end of the car. Due to the disguise it is heavily believed that the new model will receive new headlight styling and and changes made to both the front and rear end bumpers. Updated features such as the upholstery inside the car and infotainment systems are to be expected too. Both the choice of petrol and diesel engines found in the current Fiat 500 model are expected to be carried over with the car before making its UK debut next year.  


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