McLaren 675LT-Ford Ecosport updates-BMW M2 Coupe
January 23, 2015

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is just under two months away now and already the list of new vehicles to go on display at this years event is hotting up drastically. Today the luxury sports car brand McLaren have announced their participation in the big event by revealing that they will be bringing along their brand new McLaren 675 LT. McLaren have said that this vehicle will be the car that sits between both the 650S and the P1. McLaren have not announced how the car is looking power and performance wise but this certainly hasn't stopped the speculation on the engines. A turbocharged V8 engine is being rumoured for the car carrying a 3.8 litre capacity. Of course this is not set in stone as of yet but power will be come in the form of 666bhp regardless of the engine confirmed. The original model that was intended to take this place was the P15 but plans may have changed drastically for McLaren. There is no time scale released as for when we can see the car go on sale but rumours are stating that a listing price of £400,000 will come along with the 675LT.


Ford making changes to the Ecosport

The Ecosport is not a vehicle that has sold as well as the American owners Ford were hoping for. That is why the company have decided to bring some new changes to the car in hopes of making it more appealing to customers around the globe. A big set of changes to the Ecosport look to include technical changes to the car. The only added option that Ford will include with the car will be the spare wheel which will come as standard with all models from here on out. Although Ford have not confirmed this directly, the new car is looking to make changes by bringing in new interior plastic designs and the suspension system of the Ecosport is also set to receive some adjustments to make the drive smoother than what it presently is. We are still waiting for official confirmation from the manufacturer but the vehicle has already been seen testing on the road carrying minimal disguise and it is expected that these changes to the car will come into effect from May.


The BMW M range adding more additions

Near the end of this year. BMW will add another M range sports car to their already extensive list of M models. The new model will be the M2 in a Coupe form and to make the news even more exciting, the motor has this week been seen undergoing testing in the snow. From the pictures that were taken of the car, we could see some new changes as the firm used disguising covering just half of the model. It was the bottom half of the car that was disguised so therefore we are to presume that the M2 Coupe will receive some work done to both the back and front bumpers aswell as the possibility of a re designed grille. It has however been confirmed that a new three litre,turbocharged engine capable of putting out 370 horse power will come along with the new car.

A set of gear shift paddles and stop start technology used in order to maintain a loss of fuel are included with the new Coupe. For the standard transmission system,BMW will offer a six speed gearbox but the option of a seven speed automatic setup will also be made available to customers from launch as an optional extra. Prices for the new car are expected to kick off at £45,000 or a figure around that area when it goes on sale this year.  


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