Volvo future plans-Mitsubishi in Geneva-Toyota 'RND'
January 28, 2015

This is set to be a very big year for Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. They celebrated a lot of success as far as new car sales are concerned in 2014 and this year looks to be no different as the company launch their brand new luxury SUV this April the XC90. Volvo will also look to make more Cross Country vehicles available on the market as a part of their future growth plans. Speaking of the growth of Volvo, new information has recently came to light displaying just what the brands plan is for the future and how they look to maintain some excellent success that they have been achieving. New plans for Volvo are showing that they are looking to develop new plug in hybrid vehicles as a strong part of their future aswell as the potential for some new all electric vehicles that could go up against the Nissan Leaf. The development of plug in hybrids is the big priority for the company with full EV models expected to come later. There is no word on when the full development of these vehicles will begin but the future is bright for Volvo indeed.


Toyota let the cat out of the bag with the 'RND'

Just last week Toyota announced that they would be all set to reveal a new vehicle given the codename of the 'RND' that could be set to change the face of history in the car world and be a car that goes above and beyond all other vehicles produced by Toyota. Many fans including ourselves read a little too much into the situation though as the car was revealed to be an effort of raising charity funds for Red Nose Day. Toyota have revealed that RND stands for exactly that. The brand will be selling Red Noses that will cover the manufacturer badge on all of their vehicles during the campaign and they are looking to raise at least one million pounds in the UK overall.


Mitsubishi set to headline in Geneva?

The Geneva Motor Show is quickly coming our way and will arrive in March. One of the huge stories at this moment in time though is that the firm could be all set to headline the big motoring event by revealing a new concept vehicle. A teaser image of the car has been revealed by the Japanese firm which shows a dark background along with a set of headlights in a blueish colour with what looks to be Red bodywork. The brand have said that this new model will be an all new concept design but the speculation here is that it could very well be a car that we have already seen before. It was back in 2013 that we first saw the displaying of the XR-PHEV in Tokyo but the image teased for the new model looks very similar. Therefore is a chance that it could be the same vehicle potentially badged under a different name. It has been said that this new design revealed will show which way Mitsubishi will take the majority of their cars in the future. We are very excited for the Geneva Motor Show where we will learn everything about the new Mitsubishi model.  


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