Is the Volkswagen Passat 2015 the motor for you?
January 28, 2015

Volkswagen have launched their brand new Passat model for the 2015 year and today we are taking a look into what makes this car something to be desired, new features brought forward to the vehicle compared to its previous model, rivals for the car and why you should think about making the investment into one of these brand new models. The Passat is one of the biggest selling cars from the VW group that is on offer in the United Kingdom right now. Since the very first version of the car was launched onto the road in 1973 it gained much popularity and it has certainly changed over the course of the past forty two years. Over seven different Passat models have gone on sale since this time but does this new model carry more excitement than past additions into the range have done?.


What changes have been brought to the new Passat?

So now with our first look into the new changes that have been brought forward to the all new Passat, the only engine range to come along with the car include TDI diesel units with no petrol offerings up for grabs. Both 1.6 and two litre options are available to customers, entry level models break out at 148 horse power but you can also opt for the range topping DSG model which sees power rise considerably to produce 237bhp.One of the big changes brought to the 2015 model include all new driving modes which the driver can activate, these include sport and comfort aswell as Eco and Normal. Comfort does exactly what it says on the tin and allows the driver to not be affected as much by bad road conditions and potholes. The Sport mode has been aimed more at precision and to be more dynamic on the road. Their are two specifications to choose from which include SE and the SE Business specification. The Business model will however receive a new sat nav system built in to the vehicle although a touch screen is available with all models.

With a cost of £25,135 and the car being on sale now, we think that the new Passat for 2015 offers some great value for money and could be a vehicle to keep an eye out for on the market this year.


Vehicles bringing competition to the Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is one of the biggest selling saloon models that the UK has on offer and in the past it has seen off some fierce competition from other manufacturers all around the world. This year the likes of the new Ford Mondeo which is offered in hybrid form too much in the same way the new Passat will be in the future and the Audi A4 are being looked at as two of the biggest sources of competition for this brand new model.  


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