Jeep Grand Cherokee Red Vapor-BMW M3 and M4 exhausts-New Audi A4 technology
January 29, 2015

Remus are a company based in Austria who are famous for their exhaust systems which can be found on a vast amount of cars on the road in Europe. They are known for producing a great sound and their reliability. It was recently brought to our attention that both the M3 and M4 vehicles from BMW are set to receive one of the Remus exhaust systems in the future. It is said that each of the exhausts that the company are making are specifically designed for certain cars in which the way that they are built. For the M3 and M4 the exhausts will give off a great sound and have been designed to suit the specific power output developed by both of the cars. Customers will have four designs in these exhaust systems to choose from and are made from both carbon and steel. Keep an eye out for Remus fittings on future M3 and M4 vehicles.


The Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor

American company Jeep have just launched a brand new, special edition version of their popular selling Grand Cherokee model. The new special edition car has been given the name of the SRT Red Vapor edition and sees a range of new highlights and features brought to the table. The car has received alterations all around from the exterior to the interior all the way through to the engine updates. We will begin with the changes in power brought to the engine. We see that a 6.4 litre,V8 engine unit is fitted to the car giving out a big 470 brake horse power. The car is also paired to an eight speed automatic transmission. Changes made outside of the car include a new set of twenty inch alloy wheels,an all new Red paint design and the grille which now comes in Black. We see new leather seats and a steering wheel thrown inside of the vehicle and it is also now equipped with some special highlights such as a nineteen speaker sound system,a built in sat nav measuring 8.4 inches,Bluetooth and cruise control aswell as other special attractions. The new model will be on sale next month and will come in with a cost of £64,999.


The next Audi A4 to receive new technology

The A4 is one of Audi's most popular sellers around the world and already fans around the globe are speculating the next generation of the model. The company could be all set to bring some new technology to the next generation of A4 and could consist of an electric all wheel drive system. Thanks to two electric motors, we will see that the car's rear wheels will be controlled by electric power alone if the system is to feature on the new A4. This would allow the next generation of A4 to benefit from a range of different driving modes which would also incorporate electric only power. The new tech is not set in stone as of yet but Audi are discussing the idea of this tech in their new A4. We are excited to learn more about just what Audi are doing with their next A4.

One Black and one Blue BMW M3


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