The focus on Ford power based vehicles-The new Hyundai i30 goes into production
January 29, 2015

Ford will launch their brand new Fiesta RS model onto the streets around various countries from 2017. The brand new model is looking more sportier than ever before and will look to bring the fight to top flight challengers such as the new Honda Civic Type R. Ford have not officially confirmed the arrival of the new car but what we do know is that the American manufacturer are looking to bring a range of more sports based vehicles to the road in the future. The reason behind the speculation concerning the car is that in a recent interview,Tyrone Johnson who is the senior engineer for Fords performance cars said that they are planning to release another Fiesta ST variant over the next two years and after that something else new would be coming along to join the mix. The only logical vehicle would be the RS. It is only days yet so specifications and performance rates have not been discussed as of yet. With the potential for the new vehicle to arrive on the road in 2017, there is some chance that our very first glimpse of a new Fiesta RS could arrive at a big motoring event towards the end of 2016 or even near the beginning of 2017.


The new Hyundai i30 goes into production

It has been confirmed that Hyundai's brand new i30 model has recently been put on the production line. The new model has now officially gone into production in the companies factory in the Czech Republic. The car will go on sale later on this year carrying a host of new changes compared to that of the second generation vehicle currently on the road. Both the inside and outside of the car is due to receive some alterations with new highlights such as the likes of LED lights, new alloy wheel designs, a dual exhaust system and will be available in either a three door or a five door layout. The Korean brand have also confirmed that the engines will perform more efficiently and the power will be improved compared to that of the standard model too. Power will differ greatly thanks to the fitting of a new turbocharged engine that will also come along with the car as a choice for the buyer. With the third generation of this car going into production and new features coming aboard, the i30 could be a car to keep an eye out for this year and with prices not expected to rise too far away from the £14,605 current asking price, it could also offer great value for money.


Looking for more power on your Focus ST?

Ford are returning in our blog post today and for a similar situation too. This time though we are focusing our attention on the Focus ST range. A British company by the name of Graham Goode Racing have today launched a brand new performance setup for the current Focus ST which sees power increased and the torque also developing a lot more too. The ST Focus is already a powerful version of the standard Focus hatchback but now we see that with this new kit included, 296 horse power meaning a 46 bhp rise in power and a boost of over 370NM of torque are delivered from the motor. Graham Goode Racing have announced that Focus ST vehicles made from May in 2012 up until now can be fitted with the new performance kit for a cost of £1,503.60 which includes the fitting of the system by GGR.  


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