Infiniti Q70 price drop-Audi e-quattro-cars to be rescued
January 30, 2015

Infiniti vehicles have confirmed that their Q70 range will receive a drop in price and will start from around £8,000 cheaper. Infiniti are now offering a diesel engine with the car with a 2.2 litre capacity, it will work as a direct replacement for the current three litre V6. The brand who are also owned by Nissan have announced that the new price range for the vehicles will get underway from £32,650 for the diesel engine which puts out 168bhp. There are a range of special features to come along with the car that also help it to stand out. All vehicles receive some standard pieces of kit which include some of our personal favourites such as parking sensors, eighteen inch alloy wheels,leather seating and LED headlight technology. There are also higher specifications to choose from which include the Sport, Premium Tech and Sport Tech.

Top of the range trim levels will offer you some new features such as a lane departure warning system,a blind spot monitoring system and a BOSE sound system aswell as much more. We always thought that for the equipment and power to come along with the Q70 that it was always good value for money and now with the large price drop also included this has been set in stone that the Q70 range truly is good value for money.


The all new Audi e-Quattro

Audi have revealed their brand new e-quattro hybrid technology system and have confirmed some of the vehicles that the new system will come fitted too. The new system will allow the vehicles to run from at total of three different power plants which will all provide power to the car. The new technology has been confirmed to reach only two vehicles in the future so far which will include the new A4 set to go on sale this year and the brand new TTQ crossover vehicle which is expected to make it onto the road in 2017. The new system will allow for the cars to drive in three different driving modes with all electric power being the first result,front wheel drive or quattro four wheel drive will also be available. Audi are certainly looking to push new technology to the limit and with Tesla making vast improvements to their Model S and Roadster vehicles Audi could close the gap on the brand with future electric technology starting with the e-quattro.


Cars are rescued from a sunken ship

You may have heard of the news a number of weeks ago that a ship had capsized carrying over £30 million worth of new vehicles from companies such as Jaguar and Mini. Well this week an operation has commenced to retrieve all of the luxury vehicles that are located within the ship. There are 1,400 vehicles on board the ship and it is hoped that these vehicles will still be in prestige conditioning. There is a big chance that some of the cars may now be damaged after sitting on the ship for the past three weeks and each car will be looked at to see what repairs need doing. Could this affect sales for the manufacturers on board the ship?. If many of the cars are damaged they will have to receive repairs therefore it could be expected that afterwards the cars may go on sale under their original listing price. On board the ship is a Rolls Royce Wraith worth £250,000.


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