The best of British: The Mini Countryman
January 30, 2015

In our post into the Easy Gap Blog today, we are having a look at one of the most iconic vehicles from a British brand, the Mini Countryman. Mini originally began as a British car making company and were later bought out by German manufacturer BMW. They are one of the most iconic car companies in Britain and have seen much success over the years with vehicles such as the Clubman, the Cooper and the One. The Countryman has however proven to be one of the biggest selling vehicles in the range and is still going strong today. Production of the very first Countryman was began in 2010 and in 2017 the car will receive a host of new updates. Rather than focusing on the current model, it is the newly updated vehicle to go on sale in 2017 that we will cast our attention to today.


The upcoming Countryman to do the range proud?

In two years time we will see the second generation of the Countryman go on sale The new model will come to you in the form of a six door design and has been spotted on the road testing as recently as this week under some disguise hiding some of the cars new features. From the pictures that have been taken of the new car, it is looking higher and wider than the previous first generation model and it looks as if the tail design at the back of the car has also received some adjustments. Little information is currently known about the engine specifications so no comment has been made by Mini on the performance rates that we can expect the new car to put out. The car is looking to carry over some of the traditional features of Mini such as the raised headlights, chrome surrounded front grille and chrome door handles. The new Countryman was also shown in a bright Red paint design.


The Mini Countryman going from strength to strength?

The second generation Countryman is expected to be just as big a seller as the first generation vehicle on the road right now. With its launch set to take place in two years time, the wait could be one that is much anticipated. As soon as we have anymore information on the new Countryman, we will be on hand with all of the latest.  
A Black and a Blue Mini Countryman


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