One of the best the SUV division has to offer
January 30, 2015

You may have seen earlier our latest post on the best of British where we focused our attention on the forthcoming Mini Countryman model. Well in our next addition to these best of posts, we are today focusing on perhaps one of the very best SUV vehicles in its division coming to us directly from Audi. The Q7 is a Sports Utility Vehicle from Audi which has been in production since 2005 and on sale since 2006.There have been a range of different Q7 vehicles on the road featuring different highlights such as diesel engines and hybrid variations. Today though we are looking at the new model that has not yet been put on sale but was last seen making an appearance earlier this month from the Detroit Motor Show.


What did the Audi Q7 bring to Detroit?

The new addition to the Q7 range was revealed in a Blue colour option packing a total of seven seats. Only one engine has been confirmed to come along with the car from the time of launch but it still does emit some good all round power. The engine carries three litres and comes your way in the manner of a TDI diesel option developing 268 brake horse power. Looking for something a little different though?. Well fear not as Audi have you covered with a hybrid version of the car too. This model will pair up both an electric motor and the diesel engine resulting in a 35 mile round journey using just electric power alone. This variant will not arrive until close to the end of this year though. The brand revealed in Detroit that the cars are equipped with an eight speed,automatic transmission and all will run on a four wheel drive platform. This will be the same for the hybrid variant too.

A host of new revisions have been made to the body structure of the car with the new Q7 now also coming fitted with LED lighting, an all new 3d style front grille and the air intakes have increasingly grown in size too. A brand new infotainment system with a touch screen appearing from inside the dashboard and a digital display are just some of the new features to keep a look out for inside of the car.


When do deliveries of the new Q7 begin?

It has been revealed that the order books on the new car will open up from the Spring time of this year before the vehicle makes its first deliveries to customers during the Summer time. Audi will need to bring their A game at the launch of the Q7 as by the time it arrives, we will be seeing the new Volvo XC90 arriving on the road aswell as some other SUV additions like the new Mitsubishi Outlander. The SUV division has quickly become one of the quickest rising and most successful vehicle sectors on the market and now the Q7 will look to dominate it.  


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