The new A4 from Audi to be the most successful yet?
January 30, 2015

We have all heard the news that the famous Audi brand are set to introduce the world to their brand new A4 model later on into the course of this year which will be the firms fifth generation of the car to go on sale and is also expected to be followed up by an Allroad and Avant version. We are extremely excited for this brand new vehicle which is why today we are taking an in depth look into the brand new vehicle and what kind of special features and pieces of equipment that the car will offer you when it goes on sale. It is hard to believe that the A4 has been a key fixture for Audi success for the past twenty one years as the first model was produced in 1994. The latest version of the car is now six years old with its latest set of changes coming into play three years ago. The A4 is one of the most successful cars that Audi have on offer but what will the fifth lifecycle for the car bring to the table this year and why should you think hard about purchasing one of these vehicles?.


Our favourite key points of the A4 for 2015

We firmly hold the belief that this is to be the biggest and best A4 to date. For many twenty one years can be a long time and can sadly be a time when cars outgrow their specialities sometimes but that is by no means the case with the A4. For this model, its time on the road has done nothing but give it experience and help it stay a strong competitor on the executive car market. Three petrol engines are expected to be announced for the car all consisting of TFSi units and a 1.6 and 2.0 diesel selection are also anticipated. There has also been some speculation that the new A4 will receive TDI and TFSi engines carrying three litres but it is unclear for the moment as to whether these two additions will be offered on the European market. Are you looking for a hybrid drive-train though ?. Well that is where the brand are covering you again by pairing a petrol engine and electric motor with a diesel engine also becoming available later on into the cars life. Audi have confirmed that CVT multitronic will no longer be apart of the A4 in the future but both six and nine speed transmissions are to be offered. Nine speed will be offered with automatic setup whilst the six are manual. The new car is looking to be one of the most exciting vehicles that Audi are to offer this year and such a vast range of choice helps it to tailor to a range of different audiences.


Key rivals and a strong future for the Audi A4

It holds a strong possibility that the standard A4 will be followed up further down the line by both an Allroad and an Avant model. Looking now at the challengers that will look to go head to head with the new motor,the likes of the C Class from the Mercedes brand has been a strong rival for many years and we also see the new Jaguar XE gearing up take on the new model too. Look out for the new A4 when it goes on sale in the second half of 2015.  

Two Audi A4 vehicles


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