Europe Car Sales Slump as the UK Thrives!
February 20, 2013

New Car Sales Continue to Fall In Europe

As the economic troubles in Europe continue the buyers confidence also begins to fall as we can now see with the latest new car sales figures for the first 6 weeks of the year. With the recent release of figures, it has been shown that sales in Europe have fallen by a further 10 per cent.


However, Britain is once again the exception having achieved an impressive 11.5% increase in new car sales in the first month alone. The UK had been the only car market to achieve an increase on sales in 2012 and have surprised many by continuing the trend into this year.


In terms of the other top 5 car markets in Europe, Germany had fell by a massive 8.6%, Spain had dropped by 9.2% and Italy a massive 17.6% decrease.


The car market in Italy dropped to a 29 year low in terms of sales figures for the year last year and has affected many of the countries home grown brands such as Fiat. Other brands such as Peugeot and Citroen have seen sales figures slump in both Italy and France of were sales were once impressively high for the firm.


Although, there may well be a decrease in sales across Europe, there will still be firms and models that will achieving a great rate of sales in the current economic climate . . .


The Volkswagen Golf remains the top selling car across Europe, despite a dramatic decrease in sales last month as the firm felt a 17.8% decrease in sales. The Ford Fiesta is a close follower in second place as sales have recently thrived in reviving markets such as the UK. The Ford Focus has dropped way down the best sellers list to 6th after achieving the best selling car of 2012 title.


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