The Hyundai i40 tourer the most comforting car on the road?
February 24, 2015

The Hyundai range has always consisted of a good variation of both city car, compact family vehicles and large family vehicles. This brings us to our vehicle today. The i40 Tourer. The i40 range was introduced as a large family vehicle range when the production of the range was first begun in 2011. There has since been just the one generation of this car go on sale which was the Tourer model and it has proven to be a fine selection for drivers looking for a car with a good range of power and comfort. This estate model has delivered some of the finest competition to the biggest and best selling models on the road today. Some of these vehicles include the likes of the Jetta from Volkswagen and the Skoda Superb. So what is it about this i40 model that has helped it to maintain a strong place on the market and why out of all estate vehicles on the road, should you choose to spend your money on this particular car?.


Some of the big advantages of owning a Hyundai i40

So what are the advantages of owning a Hyundai i40?. Well the first feature in our opinion is the generous amount of interior space that this car gives to the driver and passengers. First of all there is a huge boot which can cram in 553 litres of luggage. There is also a cover in the boot which opens and closes which can also be used as extra storage. The only engines on offer all consist of a capacity of 1.7 litres. All are offered with two different power outputs beginning at 115 bhp leading up to 136 bhp. All engines are diesels but a manual six speed transmission is offered with entry level models whereas the two higher spec Style and Premium models are equipped with an automatic gearbox. Stop start technology can also be found across the i40 range.

The alloy wheel sizes for the entry level models begin at sixteen inches with eighteen inches offered for the Premium. A leather steering wheel and gearstick is offered across the entire range,heated front seating can be chosen with the Premium range,Bluetooth, a CD player and trip computer are all offered as standard. Rear view parking cameras and a touch screen Sat Nav are both offered in high spec Premium models.


Is the Hyundai i40 reasonably priced?

Well the answer to that question is undoubtedly yes. Prices get underway from £19,726 for the entry level Active models with the style range beginning from £21,826. Top of the range premium models come in with a figure of £25,026 with the most expensive in the range being the £26,606 automatic premium model.  

The Hyundai i40


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