Honda announce the new Jazz for Geneva
February 25, 2015

There has been a lot of speculation lately regarding the future of the new Jazz model from Japanese car maker Honda. Today however we can confirm the news that the firm are set to bring the brand new model along with them to the big motoring event in Geneva next week which is where we will see the full production version of the car for the very first time. The Jazz also known as the 'Fit' in America has been a model produced by the brand since 1982 and has proven itself as a good, smooth running, compact for the whole family. We have seen just two generations of the vehicle go on sale previously but this new model is all set to be the third lifecycle for the popular range. We have seen images of the production model which will carry over some of the same features from the prototype that was first shown in Frankfurt Germany last year. Honda have also confirmed some of the brand new specifications to come along with the car.


Specifications for the new Honda Jazz

Information regarding the engines for the new Jazz have been confirmed which shows that this new model will come packing a new VTEC petrol engine carrying 1.3 litres of fuel. 101 brake horse power has also been confirmed for this engine. As standard, a manual six speed transmission will be offered with the new Jazz but Honda have also revealed that a semi automatic transmission system will also be offered with the third generation Jazz but will only be made available as an optional extra. Although not announced as of yet, we do know that a hybrid version of the car could also go on sale later on into the course of the cars lifecycle. Technology for the car has also been massively updated and this is confirmed by the announcements of fittings such as Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone connectivity,USB connections,in car WiFi and HDMI ports.


What cars pose the biggest threat to the Jazz?

From past experiences with the Jazz, two of the biggest sources of competition for the vehicle came in the form of the Note from Nissan and the Volkswagen Polo. As far as power and the engine is concerned, the new Jazz could very well do a good job of holding its own against competitors but thanks to new features, the Jazz could very well hold an advantage as far as technology is concerned.  


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