Lotus expand to China-Infiniti Q30 spotted-Audi TT Euro NCAP results
February 25, 2015

The TT is one of the biggest selling ranges that German manufacturer Audi have on offer. Over the years it has helped to establish the firm as one of the top contenders for the top position in the automotive world. Renown for being a great all round sports vehicle, the TT is a model that we would all love to drive and own. It came as great news when a new range of 2015 TT models were announced and this week Audi have been adding more to the excitement of the range by taking part in Euro NCAP testing. The car has undergone tests and the results are in which shows that Audi were awarded a total of four stars out of five for their new TT model. Audi have added new safety equipment into this particular range such as active bonnet protection which saw a scoring of eighty two percent awarded. Although four stars is a good rating, previous models have achieved five stars but it has been stated that the removal of one star was due to the amount of space on offer in the back of the car for child safety. With the front seating being pushed closer to the front of the car though, full points were awarded. All in all though, the new TT is rated as being a very safe car which is important for any vehicle aswell as sports models.


Lotus to expand their product to China

This week the news has been announced that the Lotus brand will be all set to begin the production of some of their very best vehicles from the country of China in the future. Proton who own Lotus signed the agreement of expansion earlier on this month but as of yet, no confirmation has been issued as to what models from the companies prestigious line up will be developed overseas. With the brand new Evora 400 model set to make an impact in Geneva Switzerland next week, there is some potential that some units of the car could be made in the new Chinese factory. We are looking forward to seeing what new models will be produced from the new plant and to seeing how this will affect overseas sales for the sports car manufacturer.


The Infiniti Q30 has been spied testing once again

We all know the Infiniti brand for being the subsidiary company of Nissan. They have recently gained a lot of momentum when it comes to the sales of new cars and we have known about the new Q30 model for the better part of a year now. Big news today though is that the vehicle has once again been spotted undergoing tests on public roads. The car was however still heavily wrapped in camouflage so some new parts and accessories are still being kept under lock and key. News has emerged though which states that Nissan would like the Infiniti Q30 to be produced in Sunderland here in the UK with production beginning this year before the car going on sale next year. From the image that was posted online of the car, thin horizontal designed headlights are visible aswell as a mesh designed front grille. Compared to the prototype version of the car, it also looks as if the dual exhaust system has received some tweaks which now results in the pipes measuring a little smaller. Information is very scarce for the new Q30 as of right now but there is some heavy belief that the new model will be fitted with a two litre, turbocharged engine. No word has been given on this as of yet though.  


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