Is the Honda Insight hybrid technology at its very best?
February 26, 2015

We all know that hybrid drive train technology has certainly taken over the automotive world and it has certainly made its mark on the industry. When we think of some of the biggest and best hybrid models on the market, we have to look in the direction of the likes of the Toyota Prius, the BMW i3,the Mitsubishi PHEV and the e-tron range from Audi. The number of vehicles we could choose from is endless. One vehicle we have left of of this list though and that is because it is our car choice of the day today, is the Honda Insight. The Insight is available across a range of markets all around the world including here in the United Kingdom and other European countries. This car made history for Honda by being one of the first hybrid models to be offered by themselves and it was also the very first time that Honda included their Integrated Motor Assistance system in any of their vehicles. There have been two versions of the car on sale over the years. The first generation was launched in 1999 and in 2009 we seen the second generation model which is the latest Insight on the road right now and is confirmed to be the last.


How good is the Honda Insight?

When Honda were selling and producing this vehicle, it was offered in a multitude of different specification levels. Five to be precise. Honda introduced the HS and HS-T entry level trims which seen some generous equipment added as standard including climate control, electric windows, MP3 connectivity and fifteen inch alloy wheels. Mid range trims would offer you the likes of parking sensors, USB connectivity,fog lights and automatic headlights and wipers. If you were to go right the way down to the highest level trim option we would see features such as voice recognition software to go along with their built in sat nav system,Bluetooth compatibility and live traffic updates were also made available with the trim.

With the Insight of course running on a hybrid drive train, we saw that during the production process, Honda included the fitting of a petrol engine carrying 1.3 litres which was also joined alongside by an electric motor.


Why did Honda end production of the Insight?

So after fifteen years of production for the Insight range, production of the vehicles were officially announced to be ending one year ago in February of 2014. Honda stated that their reason to end production was due to the amount of sales that were not matching up to what Honda would have hoped for. Therefore the brand stopped selling the car on European soil. There are reports from Honda which suggest that a new replacement hybrid for the Insight could be produced further down the line and we are waiting to see just where Honda go with these ideas.  

The Honda Insight


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