Manufacturers manipulating Emission test?
February 22, 2013

Manufacturers manipulating Emission test?


A number of mass market manufacturers whose names have not yet been released due to a number of legal reasons have this week been accused of manipulating official emission tests to attract more customers towards their cars.


A number of reports have recently been released by the European Commission that claims a number of main mass market manufacturers have doctored the testing methods in order to compromise the validity of the results and could have purposely left published emission levels a massive 11% lower than realistic results.


The published report has claimed that there have been a number of tweaks made by the manufacturers in question to the testing method, which will have resulted in emission figures being as much as 11 per cent lower than the actual figure.


The importance of the emission levels is ever increasing, as new Government initiatives in the UK amongst other places are put in place along with the arrival of a mass market of Electric cars with the attraction of low emission levels. It has also been released that cars purchased with lower emissions would be taxed at a lower rate in order to help the attraction of reducing emissions as a whole.


Electric cars will begin to take centre stage over the next twelve months, as the UK Government looks to invest a massive £32million on building and growing the infrastructure of the electric car and charge up points across the UK. The majority of manufacturers have this year joined the market that has seen the Nissan Leaf thrive in, which is of course the electric car.


The Nissan Leaf along with both the Qashqai and the Juke ran out winners as they struck gold in their individual markets and really set the trend in the UK car market. The Nissan Leaf and the success of the model has attracted the interest of most manufacturers in the way of producing an electric car as the way the Juke and the Qashqai did in the crossover and mini crossover market.


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