Audi confirm official information on the new R8
February 26, 2015

Well the time has arrived an today we have been treated to the full reveal of the second generation R8 model from Audi officially. The German firm confirmed the production of the car last year but were hoping to keep the specifics of the vehicle a secret until its grand debut in Geneva Switzerland. Last night however images were posted online showing the new car via a leaked photograph. After this leaking though, the brand have decided to come out with all of the information regarding the new model one week early. We now know of the engine choice from Audi aswell as a special treat that you may or may not have been expecting.


What big surprise have Audi brought to the table for the new R8?

We cannot hold our excitement for the big announcement from Audi and before we get into the standard model, we have to reveal that Audi have confirmed a new e tron all electric version of the R8 to come along with the range from launch. Information has revealed that a full charge on the new model can be achieved in a time of just under two hours and the vehicle has a round about range that will travel for 280 miles in total. Audi were not announcing how many electric motors the car would carry as to whether it would be one or two but our guess would be two. This should be confirmed next week. Around 130 to 155 miles per hour is also expected to be revealed as top speed limitation when running in all electric. This is very exciting news for the second generation of the R8.

Now as far as the standard model is concerned, Audi have revealed that only one engine option will be made available with the car which will consist of a V10 engine and will carry 5.2 litres of fuel. Audi have also announced updates for the chassis of the car which will now come made entirely from carbon fibre and aluminium. Two power ranges will be up for grabs from the same engine which will include 540 bhp and a higher range 610bhp output. Manual gearboxes have also been completely scrapped from the range with the only option now consisting of a seven speed, S tronic, automatic transmission system. Both Blue and Red paint designs have been revealed for the new model so far.


What vehicles will offer rival competition for the new R8?

Prices are not announced as of yet much in the same way a launch is still remaining quiet but we do expect to see the new R8 on the road sometime before the end of this year. In the past, the R8 has proven to be one of the biggest contenders on the sports car front especially when it comes to bringing the fight to the BMW i8 which we strongly believe it will do once again. Thrown in the likes of the M6 aswell and the Porsche Carrera S and the Audi R8 will once again rank itself amongst the top ten sports cars on the European market.  


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