Brabus Smart Fortwo-BMW 3 Series production-Subaru Forester updates
February 27, 2015

When we think of Smart cars, one of the first things that goes through our minds is just how small and compact these vehicles are. Did you ever have the first thought being how sporty they are though?. Well that is where we have some interesting news for you today. You may be aware that Brabus are a German company who specialise in fine tuning of vehicles which include anything from power updates to new sporty designs. They are well known for their work on Mercedes Benz models but images were posted online very quietly yesterday which revealed that the company had been hard at work on the Smart Fortwo and it will be shown for the first time in Geneva Switzerland next week. There is not expected to be any changes made to the engine in the car and its performance rates but the image of the bright Green vehicle that were posted online reveal new changes made to the bodywork. A brand new diffuser, central located dual exhaust pipes,new side skirting and we can also see that the wheels have grown in size. Leather seating has been included inside of the Brabus Fortwo and brand new plates have been included for the door sills. Any other changes are being kept under lock and key for the time being but everything is to be revealed from a jam packed Geneva Motor Show.


BMW celebrate success outside of Germany

BMW are known for being one of the most loved and reliable car manufacturers from Germany alongside the likes of Volkswagen and Mercedes. They are known for their huge production rates in Germany. Today though the brand are celebrating some huge success outside of their home country in South Africa which is the location of their very first factory outside of Germany. The brand have celebrated the production of their millionth vehicle in the plant which when rolled off the line was a 3 Series model. The plant in South Africa has been open since 1973 and close to 69,000 3 Series are built in the plant each year. This is a big achievement for the firm who continue to reign their dominance across other countries around the world.


Subaru announce updates for their Forester model

Subaru have announced that their Forester model here in the United Kingdom is all set to receive some rather special updates. The brand have stated that the interior of the car will receive some nice new changes and a brand new diesel CVT powertrain will also be thrown into the mix. Subaru have now included a new diesel engine coming in the form of a 'Boxer' and carrying a capacity of two litres in total. 148 brake horse power has been confirmed for the new engine and the unit also remains turbocharged. Hill decent control and the torque has been also updated for this particular model. A total of 350NM is delivered. Inside of the car also receives some big changes which make it stand out as a special addition into the companies SUV range. USB connectivity, Climate control,a new seven inch infotainment display screen and new Black colour designs have also been included with the new updates. It has been announced that the updated model will be available in showrooms from this coming April with prices beginning from £24,995.  


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