The best in mini SUV models..the Ford Ecosport
February 27, 2015

Today we have a special car review for our Friday review and it is coming to us courtesy of American car maker Ford. The vehicle we have focused on today is an addition into the companies mini SUV sector and of course makes its way to you in the form of the Ecosport. The Ecosport is now twelve years old which seems hard to believe. There have also been two additions of the range enter the car world over the years with the most recent becoming available in 2013. The likes of the Skoda Yeti and the Hyundai ix25 have both proven to be two of the biggest competitors going up against the Ecosport over the years but how well does the Ecosport hold its own against these big competitors?.


What has made the Ecosport model something special?

So the version of the car we are going to cast our attention to today is the second generation for the vehicle which was launched two years ago. The car is a very popular choice and this could be down to the fitting of Ecoboost engine technology that Ford used in the car and also achieved the engine of the year on multiple occasions. The engine fitted is a 1.0 litre and is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and proving overall better fuel economy, a job that the Ecosport has done very well since launch. Given some great added equipment which also includes the new Ford SYNC system, the Ecosport truly does have it all. Available in six colours which include Yellow, Black,Red,Silver,White and Blue the model can be personalised by you to suit you. Throw in some LED daytime running lights as standard,LCD HUD technology,front fog lights and a set of skid plates and the Ecosport is also well equipped.


Competition and a price for the Ecosport

We mentioned earlier that throughout the cars lifecycle it has proven to be a big competitor for the likes of the Skoda Yeti and the ix25 from Hyundai. The likes of the Nissan Juke and the 2008 crossover from Peugeot have also proven to be two more vehicles with the Ecosport in their sights as far as competition goes. Prices for the Ford Ecosport get underway from £14,995 with the Ecoboost engine costing £15,995 your final option is the diesel engine which can be purchased from £16,495 from your local Ford dealership right now.

The Ford Ecosport


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