The Jaguar F Type spied in SVR form
February 27, 2015

A brand new SVR version of the Jaguar F Type has been spotted testing on public roads and is looking better than ever. The F Type is one of the biggest and most popular ranges of Jaguar vehicles on the road right now and has been ever since the launch of the very first model which occurred in 2013. There has since been a convertible version launched and a coupe model which went on sale. This year marks the third consecutive year that Jaguar will be produced a revised version of the car but the SVR model is set to carry some updates with a big focus on the vehicle being the engine and its performance.


What do we know about the Jaguar F Type SVR so far?

Well with the power and engine in mind, we do know that the standard five litre supercharged V8 engine from the original F Type will be carried over to the SVR. The big improvement however will see the power delivered by the car upped to 600 brake horse power. This new model is set to make history for the brand by being the quickest F Type to ever be offered since initial launch in 2013. In more history making news, this is the very first SVR model to be produced by Jaguar and their special vehicle operations brand. Don't stop looking after the power update though as we can also find new changes made to the bodywork also.

The grille is reasonably large much similar to the one that can be found on the Project 7 model. The spoiler on the car has also received some reshaping compared to the standard model. Throw in some carbon ceramic made brakes,brand new alloy wheels and a front splitter also takes its place of pride with the new model.


When can we expect to see the F Type SVR?

No confirmation has been given regarding when the car will become available in the UK or across other parts of the globe. Prices for the new model are also being kept quiet for now. There is a chance that the SVR could become available by the end of the year but the most likely outcome would be early 2016.

The Mercedes S Class range and the Porsche 911 family are the big contenders rivaling the F Type and have been since 2013 so we would not expect to see any change in this but considering the extra added power, we could be looking more in the direction of the 911 GT3 RS which is to be revealed next week in Geneva as even more competition for the F Type SVR.


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