No Mini Coupe and Roadster replacements-Vospers Seat-Motoring offence services
February 27, 2015

We learnt of the news that Mini are going to end production of their Coupe and Roadster models two weeks ago now but the further on into the development of the news we reach the less likely it is looking that both of these vehicle will receive a replacement model in the future. The end of production will happen to these vehicles later on into the course of this year and the reasoning behind the cease of production is so Mini can focus their attention more on developing new models and adding vehicles to some of their current ranges in showrooms. No announcement has been officially made regarding replacements for both the Coupe and the Roadster but when the topic was brought up with the marketing head of BMW Ian Robertson he replied by giving the news that more attention would be going towards making higher volume Mini's. Nothing is set in stone for the time being but things are not looking good for replacements for the Roadster and Coupe.


Vospers adding Seat to their range

Vospers are a well recognised motor group who operate in the United Kingdom and already have a lot of showrooms in the UK representing a vast range of car companies. However the news has now come out which reveals that the groups current premises in Plymouth is all set to be expanding thanks to an investment of £750,000 which will the be used to run as a seller of Seat vehicles. This big investment comes at the same time as the company invest into their current Ford showroom in Exeter and expand their Mazda showroom in Plymouth also. Vospers are quickly becoming one of Britain's biggest motoring dealers and with Seat being taken under their wing, there is a lot of potential going forward for Vospers.


Motoring offenses to be dealt with much more easily

The Government are set to launch the new 'Make a plea' service. The new system has been designed to help deal with motoring offenders a lot more easily. Current statistics reveal that on a yearly basis, around 500,000 motoring offenses are dealt with in court but the new 'make a plea' service will allow an offender to either plead guilty or not guilty via an easy to use system available on modern day technology including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It has been said that this new system will save offenders from visiting court to have the situation dealt with or will even save them from pleading via the post. Costing is also a big part of the system therefore saving on court costs and police time. The new system is expected to come into effect very soon.  


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