Will you choose a 13 plate or a 62 plate for your new car?
February 24, 2013
The new registration month of March 2013 will present a quite unique choice and opportunity for UK car buyers. The DVLA, in response to concerns over superstitious UK consumers worried about having the number 13 adorning their new vehicles, have allowed the buyers a choice. If the new vehicle buyer wishes they can avoid the 13 plate vehicle plate, and opt to take the vehicle on the current 62 plate instead.

The move is warmly welcomed by the retail motor industry in the UK, as there may have been real concerns that consumers may have been put off getting a new vehicle at all, or face the increased cost of getting a private plate, to avoid the 13 plate on the vehicle.

Of course with a number of days until the March 1st change over it is unclear as to the effect this offer will have in the minds of the UK public. Will the normal attraction of having a new registration number be tempered by the fact that the number 13 will be present? Will the esthetic appeal be lost if you choose a 62 plate, which may mean the vehicle looks older than it really is?

Conclusive figures for this option will not be available for some time, but Easy Gap may have some early indications on the choices people are making.

Easy Gap has seen a number of people setting up their Gap Insurance for collection of their vehicle on March 1st, and we have seen that on every single occasion that consumers are opting for the 13 plate and not the 62 plate.

As we said earlier in the piece, it is still very early days to judge, but perhaps the UK is not too superstitious over the number 13 after all. Of course having an Easy Gap policy in place means that even if your 13 plate car does end up being unlucky, your Easy Gap policy will provide your finances should the worst happen.

13 unlucky for some? only if you do not have an Easy Gap policy we say!

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