Volkswagen Announce Profit for 2012
February 25, 2013

Volkswagen Announce an Increase in Profit!


As the majority of mass market manufacturers look to forget the year that was 2012, the Volkswagen Group are amongst a select few who have announced a profit for the year after revenue increased by a massive 21%.


The economic situation in Europe became a challenge for the majority in the Car Market during the sales year of 2012, as most mass market produces came up short in the way of sales. However, the Volkswagen Group amongst others have announced a profit for the year and in VW's case a growth in profit of £9.95 billion. It is not just the sales figures along with the production figures that have seen a dramatic increase, but the number of employees has also risen.


The Volkswagen Group which include the Audi range as well as the base brand Volkswagen have seen off competitors in the way of Mercedes and BMW across the globe. The UK car market in particular currently has two Volkswagen models in the list with Mercedes only featuring just the once with Mercedes C Class. The Volkswagen Group expect its sales revenue to increase once again next year as they expect the new,wider and a lot more attractive model range to take off as they look to the rise in the popularity of electric cars for the extra revenue and profit on this year.


However, a more realistic expectation and prediction on sales have been announced. Although the firm may have predicted another increase next year compared to this year, the firm has already contradicted the prediction by playing safe and stating that they have predicted a match on both sales and revenue for this year.


The Volkswagen Group is bigger than the majority in the motor industry believe it is. The Volkswagen Group currently consist of 12 well known and popular brands. All of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Bugatti, Seat, Lamborghini and Porsche are all under the Volkswagen ownership.


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