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February 25, 2013
Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Blogging are all words we may never have used even 5 years ago. Today the world has gone 'social media' crazy with access to the rich and famous, up to date news and even the latest sports videos on the web. Access to these platforms is so easy with the modern range of smart phones, and it is accepted that all businesses have to get involved with these areas too.

Easy Gap are no different to any other online brand in this respect. We have developed several online Social Media accounts to enable us to reach out further to the public.

Both our brands, Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 have active and developed twitter accounts. These are followed by a number of influencial people, as well as a range of customers and motor trade insiders. Any news from Easy Gap, or breaking motoring news, then you will hear us tweeting about it first!

Our Gap Insurance brands can also be found on Facebook, more 'likes' please!

We also contribute to several 'authority' blogs concerning Gap Insurance in the UK. The most prominent of these is GapInsurance.TV . We also provide our website video tutorials for the GapInsuranceTV YouTube Channel.

Our in house team are also busy developing our new Google Plus Easy Gap channel too, the work simply does not stop!

So if you want to share, Like, Tweet or Put us in your circle, please feel free to join in.


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