The All New and Improved Jeep Cherokee
February 26, 2013

The All New Jeep Cherokee


Jeep have recently announced the release of the new Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep model will feature in the majority of all major car markets across the globe in Autumn 2013. Pictures of the new Jeep Cherokee have been leaked online this month shortly before it was due to be unveiled.


Jeep had attempted to keep the model a top secret after the success of the crossover market across the globe, which would give the model a surprise factor when it was due to be released. However, after a number of pictures of the model were released earlier this month, Jeep decided to release the cars that were once held close to the chest of the company. They officially released images of the model as close as they could to the unveiling time at the New York Motor Show.


Crossover models such as the Nissan Qashqai along with the Juke and the Ford Eco Sport have led to the development of crossover SUV's from several of the worlds top manufacturers. However, Jeep have decided to build the standard SUV as the car market will turn away from the crossover SUV and return back to the standard SUV or so the powers at Jeep believe.


The new Jeep Cherokee will replace the Jeep Liberty model in the current range available in the US and will be the first model to have the Cherokee name in the US since the previous one of 2001. Jeep have promised the current owners of the Liberty that the new Cherokee deserves to replace the Liberty model as it will be over 45% more efficient.


The Liberty model never entered the UK during its time on the current range of Jeep, however, the Jeep Cherokee model will be the first SUV to enter the market for Jeep for a number of years. Jeep have challenged the likes of Land Rover amongst other brands in the way of chasing customers and developing a larger market share within the confinements of the United Kingdom.


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