Toyota Yaris hot hatch-Tesla Model X spied-BMW X7 latest speculation
March 24, 2015

It was a number of months ago that the Toyota brand stated that they would like to enter one of their vehicles into the World Rally Championship for 2017 and their particular vehicle of choice comes to us in the form of the Yaris. Some exciting news has today however emerged which shows that a hot hatch Yaris could also be set to join us on the road aswell as the off road WRC track. The reports are suggesting that the new model will soon follow the WRC vehicle so we are expected to wait until around before 2017 before we see the vehicle revealed for the road. The Yaris is one of the most popular city cars that Toyota produce alongside the Aygo and the addition of either a turbocharged 1.6 or 2.0 engine could be highly expected to be included in such a vehicle. Toyota are yet to comment any further on this new model but as soon as we get any more news we will have the latest for you right here.


The Tesla Model X spied on the streets of California

The new Model X from Tesla Motors has been spotted for the first time on the streets of California. It was last Thursday that Tesla CEO Elon musk made the announcement that this brand new model would go on sale from later this year and now after recent images have emerged online, we have a better idea of what the new car is going to look like. The new model was disguised however but was painted in bright White. Both front and back lights were disguised as was the front grille which leads us to believe that Tesla may be still making a few changes to the model before full production. With this new model being spotted so soon after the announcement from the Tesla CEO last week, there is a very strong chance that the brand will indeed meet their target of launching the new model later this year.


More information emerges on the new X7

BMW are in the midst of developing their brand new X7 model and today more information has become made available for the brand new car. The first slice of information to be revealed today shows that a six cylinder three litre engine will be included with the car with a six litre, V12 sized unit also being made available as an alternative choice. A 4.4 litre V8 sized engine could also be included in the mix. An all new plug in hybrid variant of the car could also be introduced for the range too. One of the big announcements to be made today however is that it has been reported that the interior cabin of the new X7 is set to be the nicest including in any BMW vehicle to date. The latest is that it could prove to be even trendier than the cabin to be found inside the new 7 Series range. The only other news currently known about the car is that here on the European market it will be made available from a purchase price of 130,000 Euros which makes it equivalent to around the £95,000 area.  


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