Nissan Release All New and Advanced Leaf Model
February 27, 2013

Nissan Release All New and Advanced Leaf Model


The Nissan Leaf has been the biggest selling electrically powered vehicle across the globe and the success of the model has led to the development of a higher specification version of the model. Other main manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW have also had to develop a range of electrically powered vehicles to appeal to the wider audience and try to reclaim a share of the market that Nissan has taken from them with the Leaf model.


The Nissan Leaf model along with the very successful and one of EasyGap's most favourite pair of cars in the Nissan Qashqai and the Nissan Juke has seen Nissan have one of the most successful year of trading in the Japanese firms history. Nissan have seen not only an increase in sales but the manufacturing side of the company has almost tripled in recent years after the Nissan Sunderland plant broke a firm record along with a British producing record.


The success of Nissan in the past few years has led to the development of a number of new projects including the Nissan Note along with the Nismo performance arm and now the increase in the Leaf model range. The New Nissan Leaf high specification model will include more than 100 changes to the standard model according to Nissan. The Battery range is something that most customers will now be paying more attention to and the successful Leaf was the front runner with a maximum of 109 miles to the battery life. However, they have gone a step further with the new Leaf model as it has now been increased to a massive 124 miles to the battery charge.


The styling of the Leaf has also been tweaked a long with a number of changes to the Car. The importance of cold weather performance was highlighted after the recent weather troubles across the globe over the winter and that has been assessed. A new heat pump along with a retuned ride and handling have been added to the model as well as a optional fast charger which can cut the charge time from eight hours to four if needs be.


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