Kia Optima revealed-Porsche record sales-McLaren Sports Series name revealed
March 26, 2015

Korean manufacturer Kia have revealed the first image of their brand new Optima model which was posted online yesterday and shows the new 2016 model from a view of the front end of the car. The car will go on display under the bright lights of the New York Motor Show next week and we know of some of the new options that are set to come along with the car. Engine wise Kia have stated that there will be multiple selections to choose from with the new Optima with a range of turbocharged engines and diesels too. The chance of a hybrid model could also be on the cards.

The same 1.6,2.4 and 2.0 turbocharged engines which are currently found underneath the bonnet of the Hyundai Sonata are also expected to be offered with the car across other countries world wide. The main focus for the European market though is expected to be a turbo diesel setup. Brand new technology features and more space inside of the new model has also been promised by Kia but for now the company are remaining silent on what the new features will be. The image that was revealed of the new car yesterday showed the vehicle with a view from the front end of the car carrying Red paint work. Swept back headlight designs, a thin mesh strip across the front of the bonnet and two chrome surrounded front air intakes at either end of the car was also spotted. We are looking forward to the cars grand debut next week when we also expect to hear more on the specifications of the car aswell as prices and a potential launch date.


2014 sets a record for Porsche

It has been announced by the Porsche brand that last year officially broke records for the sports car designer. The brand over the duration of the twelve months received a turn over financially of 17.2 billion Euros and new car deliveries rose by seventeen percent compared to that of the previous year. One of the biggest sellers from the Porsche range was announced to be the Macan which further shows the dominance of suv models on the market. The Macan sold close to 190,000 units making it the brands best seller. Thanks to the hard work of production and design for Porsche employees, the brand have announced that their staff are to be rewarded well for their efforts last year by being awarded large bonuses. Porsche announced that they would also pay some more into the staffs private pension fund. The brand have announced that around 14,600 employees are eligible to receive these rewards. This is some excellent news for the firm who celebrate a wonderful year. Well done Porsche.


McLaren confirm the name of the new Sports Series

McLaren have officially confirmed that their brand new Sports Series model will officially be named the 570S. Alongside this news, the brand also revealed their first teaser image of the brand new model which displayed a picture of what appears to be the back end of the car revealing not too much about the new vehicle. This new entrant into the companies Sports Series range will make its presence felt next week when the New York Motor Show gets underway and the new car will carry some strong fittings such as the V8 engine which will allow the car to give out 562bhp. The new image itself is revealing just how important the aero dynamic changes are that have been made to the car and is demonstrated by by a new carbon fibre fitting. We are very excited to see the new 570S in the US next week.


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