Volkswagen styling direction-Mercedes E Class 2016-Audi making drivers aware
March 26, 2015

The Volkswagen Group have announced that in the future they will be looking at taking their Sedan/Crossover models in a much more aggressive direction when it comes down to the styling and design structure of their new models. It is proven that updating your range every now and again keeps buyers interested in vehicles. With the success that the United Kingdom and other parts of the world has been achieving with crossover models over the past year,it makes sense for one of the globes biggest companies to focus on the range. The guys over at Volkswagen confirmed this news when they took a group of journalists around their factory and told them that in the future their range would begin to look much more aggressive in the United States. We would also believe that new styling designs would also carry over to other countries world wide too with the European market being one of their biggest selling areas. The company are looking at developing a new crossover model which Klaus Bischoff the head designer at Volkswagen says will take a bold step with new look features. We are looking forward to seeing just what the Volkswagen Group will come up with for this new range of models.


More information emerges on next years E Class Mercedes

A car Magazine has broken the news of the new range of engines that are all set to come along with the brand new E Class model from Mercedes Benz for 2016. The magazine revealed the news that for the first time in ten years, Mercedes will use a straight six engine in the new model. The first variant of the engine to arrive will arrive here in Europe and will come in the form of a diesel carrying 2.9 litres. A twin turbocharged version of the same engine is also set to go on sale which would see around 313 brake horse power produced in total. Petrol units will also come along with the car but no news has broken as of yet regarding their capacities or tuning. Other news which has been confirmed for the new E Class is that the car will be looking to reduce weight by running on the MRA driving platform which is majorly developed from aluminium materials. Both convertible and coupe versions of the car are also confirmed to see a launch.


Audi attempting to keep drivers more aware

We all know the kind of effects that caffeine have on our bodies. It keeps us more lively and awake which can be a good thing to feel when behind the wheel of a car. Audi have thought one step ahead though and in some unusual news today, the German firm are offering a new piece of kit here in Europe which works as an espresso maker that the driver of the car can plug into a 12v socket and charge up which will make an espresso drink for the Audi driver in under two minutes of time. The coffee machine could prove to be a beneficial feature to the brand. The piece of kit is just offered as a stand alone accessory that you can purchase. When we think of drivers losing focus behind the wheel and even becoming tired, you are advised to pull over and stop the car and perhaps visit a service station if on the motorway. This new system though could work wonders if you pull up and have a coffee to get your caffeine levels up. What do you think?. Is this a good creation from Audi and will you be interested in purchasing one of these pieces of equipment?. Audi charge £181 for the coffee maker named the 'Espresso Mobil'.  


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