The Motorcycle news report for 26-03-2015
March 26, 2015

Yamaha have decided to make the headlines in the motorcycle world again today as they have revealed their brand new racer motorcycle in the form of the new XV950. This new model joins the current range but is being introduced as a special edition model. One of the key factors with the bike is the power that it gives out and if you are a fan of the rest of the range, then your luck is in as the brand have decided to stick with the same engine for this special edition version. That means that the same V Twin 942cc engine comes along with the bike but the big difference is some of the new styling designs for the bike that Yamaha have brought into play for this special model. The new model receives a set of clip on handlebars aswell as all new rear sets. Yamaha are looking to make the bike more comfortable than ever before by raising the ride height of the machine by a total of 75mm. Continuing along this path, the front and back suspension system has also received some adjustments which helps the bike to last a lot longer over the years. Some of the more visible features to the naked eye include a new Akrapovic exhaust and an all new sports designed air filter. Yamaha have announced that the new model will go on sale from this coming May and it will be made available in two paint jobs with Blue and Grey being your options.


The Manchester Motorcycle show heading your way this weekend

This weekend the city of Manchester will play host to one of the biggest motorcycle events of the year. The Manchester Motorcycle show takes place from Event city in Manchester this weekend and will be running for two days over the course of both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a host of manufacturers all on hand from the show with all of their 2015 range models taking centre stage under the bright lights. The likes of Suzuki will have their new GSX range on display, Kawasaki are expected to have the Ninja H2 at the event and Honda will also take to the show floor with their latest in Fireblade models. There will be plenty of entertainment on hand with live music and activities for the whole family aswell as a stunt show done on Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles. This is to be one of the biggest motorcycle events on in the country and we will be here next week with all of the latest news to come from the event. Be sure to check our blog section next week also as we will have all new images from the event.


Yamaha's music team a dab hand at motorcycle development

As many of you may know, Yamaha are famous for their motorcycles but they also design musical instruments also. What happens though when they reverse roles?. That is exactly what the company have done as the music division have created their very own futuristic looking motorcycle which for all purposes has been given the name of the MT – 07. The music team have really done a number on this new model as the bike contains pieces of drum kit. It is difficult to describe the bike but think of a streetfighter motorcycle just without any fairing whatsoever and a fully exposed exhaust pipes spanning right along the bike and out of the back. One of the big eye catching attractions is the motocross style seat which scoops over the top of the bike held on by a bracket from the tank and flowing over the top of the handlebars. Yes we know it sounds crazy but the bike is unique and nothing like this has ever been seen before. The model is not something that is going to be going on sale in the future. The idea behind the switch of teams was so each member of the team could design something which to them envisions the Yamaha brand.  


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