Jaguar Land Rover invest-Toyota hybrid plans-the new BMW M2 Coupe
March 27, 2015

Toyota has made a statement this week that states that in their home country of Japan, the firm are looking at having at least half of the models on the road there running on hybrid platforms. This would be a big push for the mass manufacturer but earlier this week they did reveal that a new Rav4 hybrid addition would join their line up and will debut from the New York Motor Show next week. For next year alone, the company have announced that in Japan they are looking at selling a total of 760,000 vehicles which would mean an increase of around 80,000 more hybrids than they sold there last year. The brand made their first step towards the new technology pushes with the launch of their new Mirai model there last year which will arrive here in the United Kingdom from this coming September. Can Toyota make this possible though?. More hybrid vehicles would be needed to launch over the coming years in our minds for this big push on the particular range.


Jaguar Land Rover invest into three UK plants

Jaguar-Land Rover have this week announced a new £600 million pound investment into three of their manufacturing plants here in the United Kingdom. The new investment has been made so as the company to produce more new XF and XE models which no doubt would also affect the new XE-E recently seen testing too. The companies plant in Coventry will receive funding as will their plant in Castle Bromwich aswell as another factory in the Midlands. This new investment will help to increase production of the brands new 2015 models and has also been spent on a new body shop for the brand which measures 74.000 square feet in total.


A glimpse of the new BMW M2 Coupe

Spy shots posted online have revealed what appears to be the BMW brands new M2 Coupe model. This brand new model is going on sale later this year and the company have also confirmed that a price tag of around the £45,000 area will also come along with this M Sports model. BMW have added in some great features on the bodywork of the car which include the likes of new air intakes, an all new quad exhaust system and a restyled front bumper. The wheels of the car have also been made larger and we also sees larger sized brakes come into play with the M2 Coupe too. The latest on this new model is that a six speed, manual transmission will be offered as standard with the new model but the option of a seven speed dual clutch will also be on the cards as an extra. Automatic stop-start technology will also be another feature that will come into play with the new model. The big news here though is the engine that can be found underneath the bonnet of the vehicle. A turbocharged 3.0 litre engine will be included that will give out around 400 brake horse power with these performance rates still yet to be confirmed. The new M2 coupe will go on sale from near the end of this year.  


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