Honda Swindon investment-Fiat 500 Vintage 57-Subaru BRZ teased
April 1, 2015

Honda have announced that the production of their next generation of Civic will take place from the brands factory located here in the United Kingdom in Swindon. In order to help with the production of these vehicles, a £200 million investment has been announced for the plant. The Swindon plant for the brand is by far one of the most successful factories that the company have with around 2.2 billion being invested into the factory since it originally opened its doors. It has however been confirmed that to produce the number of new Civics Honda have their eye on, they will need to reduce the production of their CR-V range. The brand however do not see this as a big loss as they will produce the new generation of CR-V from the companies factory in Canada. These models will also be brought over here to sell on the European market.


Subaru teasing a new BRZ model?

Earlier this week from the New York Motor Show, Subaru had a rather mysterious vehicle making its grand debut under the bright lights on their stand. The big question at the moment though rests with what the car actually is?. Many believe the new model to be a brand new BRZ model. Some of the big focal points with the car was the large rear wing and LED wraparound lighting. Subaru did not give any information whatsoever on this new model and it is to be expected that production of the car could be quite some time away. It did however share the same Blue paint design that can be found on the brands WRX/Impreza model. Nothing more is known about the car as it still remains a mystery model, as soon as we have more information on this brand new car though we will have all of the latest for you right here at Easy Gap.


Fiat reveal new images of their Vintage 500 model

Fiat have revealed brand new images online which show the companies new Vintage 500 model in a lot more detail. This car has been designed in a similar shape to the current 500 model but will carry more vintage look items such as the plated wheels. New images reveal the fittings of Brown leather seating inside of the car aswell as the door panels which also carry the same design with White trim effects also. Outside of the vehicle you can find a White spoiler which matches the colour of the roof. The Italian's have also broke the news of the engine range that customers can choose from. A 1.2 litre petrol giving out 69bhp is confirmed as is a 0.9 litre Twin Air engine. Customers can also opt into a 1.3 litre Multijet setup too. The Twinair models are however offered in three different states of tune. For any classic Fiat fans, this new model could be just the ticket for you and it is a vehicle that we are looking forward to seeing out and about on the road.  


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