Porsche 911 GT engines-the new Vauxhall Astra-Tesla to make an announcement
April 1, 2015

Images have been revealed online this week which show the brand new Astra model from Vauxhall out and about testing before it officially goes on sale here in the UK towards the end of this year. The car was spotted on public roads but it was carrying some body disguise which leads to us to believe that the company are making new changes to the vehicle design and structure wise. There is also expected to be a range of new engines announced for the new car which will include both petrol and diesel units and it is expected that there are going to be a vast number of them. It appears that the brand are going for a much more upmarket look with the new generation of Astra which has been one of the flagship vehicles for the brand over the past number of years since launch. Other news regarding the new Astra is that a coupe version in three door form will be offered with this model and we will also see the launch of an estate version of the car also. The standard model though is expected to be a five door hatchback model.


The future of the Porsche 911 GT range

The head of Porsche's High Performance Vehicles have confirmed that the upcoming range of 911 GT will feature naturally aspirated engines. There was a lot of speculation on the news as the company revealed that future models further down the line would only be offering turbocharged engine units. Not much more information is known about the upcoming 911 GT range but we do know that the new models will receive their debut from this September's Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. We are looking forward to learning more news on the new 911 GT range closer to the month of September though.


Tesla set to reveal a new project at the end of this month

We all know Tesla for being one of the leaders when it comes to electronic vehicles. They have achieved some tremendous success with the launch of their Model S and will also look for much of the same when they launch the new Model X later this year. It was just over two weeks ago that the brand made a big announcement of new software for the Model S that will be included in order to end range anxiety from drivers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has however this week put out a tweet which states that an announcement regarding a brand new project will be announced on the 30th of April this month. Musk also mentioned in the same tweet that it is not going to be a new car. This announcement has led many to believe that the brand could be working on a new motorcycle containing electric power. This has however not been confirmed by the company.

When we look at the motorcycle market right now, brands such as Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki rule the division aswell as BMW Motorrad so this could be a tough fight for Tesla if they do decide to design a new motorcycle. Depending on what features would come along with the bike though could mean it would be a huge success for the company based in the United States. The announcement is a big mystery at this moment in time but as soon as more news is announced we will have all of the latest for you.


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