Volkswagen reveal the Golf GTI Clubsport
May 11, 2015

There is a lot of buzz and excitement around the car world at the moment thanks to this years Worthersee festival and one of the companies that are taking advantage of this excitement are Volkswagen who have officially confirmed that they are going to launch a brand new Golf GTI Clubsport model. The Golf is without a doubt one of the biggest and best selling vehicles that the German manufacturer has ever had on offer and we cannot wait to see just how well this vehicle sells when it does go on sale. As you would expect, the new Clubsport model is going to carry the fittings of some brand new parts and accessories aswell as a lot more power than we have ever seen from the Golf range in the past. Already we have seen models such as the Golf R and the GTI become a huge success for the firm but with the announcement of this new model, the brand are looking to bring even more attention to the range.


What new parts have Volkswagen announced for the new model?

So one of the first big areas that people are looking to is the overall power that the car is going to put out. Well we can confirm that the same standard engine from the GTI model will also be found inside of the Clubsport. This means that the same two litre turbocharged unit will find its place of pride inside of the car. The big change that is worth noting though is that the power has seen a slight climb whereas it now puts out 261 brake horse power compared to that of the standard 217 thanks to the fitting of the firms new performance pack.

That's not the only changes that are being brought into play for the car though as we also see some new fittings that make Golf look even more appealing. The air intakes at the front end of the car have now been adjusted with them being lowered and now also covered with a honeycomb mesh material. Changes have also been brought into play for the front splitter which give it a more dynamic and aggressive approach compared to previous additions. A black rear spoiler also contributes the black mirrors that have been announced too. The vehicle is just a concept form vehicle at this moment in time which is fitted with nineteen inch wheels but it is expected that further down the line, the car will reach the production line but wheel sizes will decrease by an inch in size.


Other expected features and launch time

There is however some news that has not been confirmed as of yet, with one of these big news features being that the car is expected to go on sale from early on into the course of next year. No information has been given as of yet regarding the price tag that Volkswagen would be putting on their new model. Other unconfirmed news is that the car would also feature the fitting of a dual clutch six speed transmission. We are however waiting to hear more on this. When the Clubsport model goes on sale,there is no doubt that there will be some strong competition awaiting it from the likes of the Renaultsport range and the likes of the Nismo range from Nissan.  


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